5 Essential Blogging Resources

There’s loads of sites claiming to help you build a better blog. As a new blogger this can be really frustrating, so after lots of searching I wanted to share the places I felt gave me real insight into developing and maintaining a blog.

ProBlogger – Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002. ProBlogger is his advice community aimed towards helping others increase their blogging potential whilst demonstrating the fudamentals. What I particularly liked about ProBlogger is the sheer range of information available. Those new to blogging can find lots of relevant information but there are advance tutorials and tips too. The main blog and ‘Writing Content’ blog are the two areas that have been the most useful in my position as a new blogger.

How To Make My Blog – Althought slightly less influential in terms of followers I found that this site has some really good articles. The author Marko Saric set up the main community for Metallica in Denmark, which caught my attention (massive fan!). Unlike ProBlogger there is a specific area called Blogging Advice, which has a very structured list of articles from starting blogging to developing established ones, all the way through to monetising a blog. You can work your way through this like a textbook.

CopyBlogger – Brian Clark was ranked #3 of the 100 Most Influential Online Marketers of 2009. His blog, ‘CopyBlogger’ concetrates mainly on developing an engaging writing style. I particularly liked the ‘Headline Writing’ section which explains ways of finding that catchy title for your post.

Seth Godin – Author of 12 bestsellers, Godin’s blog is rife with marketing ideas. He has however got a free e-book called ‘Who’s There?’. He proclaims this, not to be a guide to better writing, but a hard sell in the ways that blogging can change your life for the better; whether that be increased business or just a documentation of your thoughts. I think coupling this with some of the other resources here would be benefitial. You can get a rounded knowledge of the benefits whilst learning the specific ways of writing and increasing traffic from the other guys. It should (in theory) help you understand what direction your blog should go in.

Chris Brogan – The article ‘How To Write Three Blog Posts A Day’ pretty much smashes all of the conceptions that a new blogger might have. He manages to eradicate the ideas:

  • I need to be in the right frame of mind to write.
  • I need to be sat at a desk to write.
  • I haven’t got time to write.
  • I can’t think of enough things to write about.

There are so many posts for different parts of blogging that I’d strongly recommend subscribing! It happens to have exactly the same template as copyblogger. I find this strange that two of the bigger sites in this field would chose the same but it’s easy to navigate and looks good so who cares!?

Obviously there are a million and one resources. I just happened to find these 5 really useful, especialy as they all have a slightly different angle and don’t step on each others toes too much. Furthermore they’re written by some of the most influential people in the blogging world. I’m trying to cover a large topic with only 5 sites so try to discover some of your own and let me know if i’ve missed a blinding site.

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